Monday, 20 May 2013

Shoalhaven High gets a visit from Nowra East Public

During the course of Archibull 2013, we (the Shoalhaven High School's Archi team) will be mentoring Nowra East Public School's Archi team, as they are our main feeder school and our friends! This is their first year in the Archibull, so we wish to boost their confidence with competing and win or lose, we will still be proud of all their achievements!

Creamy meets NEPS students and their calf.

NEPS with Sweetie Meatie Pie, calf and the cow.

Both NEPS and Shoalhaven High enjoying a lovely afternoon with Sweetie Meatie Pie and the cow.


NEPS Archibull and Shoalhaven High Archibull with Sweetie Meatie Pie and the cow.

On the afternoon of the NEPS team visit, Mrs Hargraves spoke to the students about the Archibull Prize and our shared theme of Dairy.

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